Monday, September 5, 2011

September Begins.

September. Been 8 months, not logging in. The fear to even visit the poor poor site. Work is definitely not an excuse, but procrastination definitely is deemed valid. Muses did give me a visit once awhile.I just don't take them seriously anymore.

I've lost my momentum in blogging. I've missed out so much on capturing the events of my life on blog in the past 2 years. The good and the bad. The ups and downs. I guess getting older makes privacy a serious issue. If you'd notice, the way I write has changed too. Short, simple sentences. Show how my brain has slack in thoughts. =(

Getting the new smarty-pants phone helped me getting shifted more to Facebook. Of what I could call (for myself), photoblogging.There isn't quite a theme, but just merely what I captured on my everyday life and most importantly felt like sharing it out. Right timing and feeling, and whatnot. I named the album "Life on the go". Perfect to signify the randomness of what's stored in the album. Only...the real "Life on the go" album is actually stored in my phone's memory card.

Privacy. Suddenly that word seemed to mean a lot to me now. Probably should consider making this blog a private site. For good or at least until I could finally decide on the course of this blog. I'm happy reading back on the previous posts of the blog. Brings back memories and those thoughts that have provoked me at the moment. But the blog just doesn't seem to have worked out as fine as I wanted it to be as at the beginning of the year.

Times have passed and life has changed. Priority in life is different now. Let's see how it'll be by the end of the year. =)

In case, in future, I would be wondering why the sudden post in early September (today). I just got too bored alone in the new empty office today. Heee. Apparently every single member of the team is on leave today (and I wasn't told!). Since it's supposedly my first day in this new department, I basically had nothing better to do. *sigh*

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shivering Fever.

Oh, what a day it has been. I was down with high fever and a lung infection(!) on Monday. Oh yes, it was scary when the doctor put it that way. I know I'm sick but that sick? Gosh! It must have been the freezing cold air-conditioning in the office.
I thank God for staying with me while I drove home alone! 

It's been a long while since I last developed a high fever. And come to think about it, it's nicer to have than those never-ending flu and/or sore throats. Yes, it is. Especially when the doctor put you on strong medicines.

I was left hanging around in bed from 8pm on Monday after my first dose of medication till the next day's evening. I must have slept for at least 16 hours. I couldn't even stand still, let alone walk straight. In fact, I'm still feeling rather *wee wang wang* at the mo. Drowsiness. When he said it's strong medicines, I didn't believe him that it was this strong.

And I truthfully hate medicines. He just had to give me a whole variety of them. Tablets for feverfluphlegmsasthma, and of course antibiotics. 8 tablets to swallow! Are you kidding me?! Blergh! Oh, and don't forget on the cough syrup! Blergh!

Oh well, at least I'm well pumped up for the hectic day tomorrow! *fingers crossed* =)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Song!

Happy birthday to ME~
Happy birthday to ME~
Happy birthday to ELAINE~ ME!
Happy birthday to memememememememememe!!
And See Mei. And Racheal. And Juchin. And Woei Jing.

Hohoho. Happy birthday to all of us.
I can't believe I'm having more and more friends who celebrate together with me their birthdays! :)

Many happy returns for this year and many many more years to come!
Let's us all prosper abundantly with health and wealth! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

My Boss Made Me Smile!

Although he wasn't around for the day, just a simple two words from him could make me beam like an idiot for the rest of the day! :)

First day to work on a new year. Guess I got so 'excited' yesternight, I couldn't fall asleep when I was supposed to. I ended up tossing and turning and coughing and messing around FB for a game [or two] of Bejelewed. Then I finally gave up whatever I was doing and force my eyes to really stay shut for the night. Thank God they were obedient enough. But that wasn't until it was about 2 or 3 in the morning. Imagine I have to wake up at 6:20am later. Miracle how I could stay wide awake till now.

First day of school! I can't help but just smile when I see those little kids in the back seats. I'm actually feeling really excited for them, and their elders! I can't imagine what I'd be when my little niece and nephew go to nurseries. Note, not school. Haha, yea I know, even that is not in another 3 years. And I am just the Aunt!

Traffic report: It gets really jammed up at the Serdang bottleneck by 7am, so leave early.

It was quite a job to keep myself positive the whole way. But positivity always brings positive results. At least, that's what I have been made to believe. =)
I reached my workplace later than usual, and I thought I have not the enough cash with me. Unless, of course, if I decide to pay for the parking with coins. Lots of it. Bii came to the rescue.
While waiting, I decided to try my luck even when the 'FULL' sign was placed at the entrance. I'm the first in line! Haha. Positive that I would get the free carpark space, for whatever reason, before Bii could reach.
So, guess what! The guard came slowly towards Potato and I and removed the sign. Yay! Free access!
Ah, positivity and blind luck. What's not to love?

Bii took me to a quick breakfast since he was already around the corner. And because I needed that early dose of coffee. I had two dose of coffee for the day. McD's for breakfast and cafeteria's for lunch. Both - yummeh!
Ahh, so that's what got me so hyped up the whole day. *silly smiles*

I love working when I am working. And I am working when I know what I am working on. Time flies. And a simple compliment goes a looonnnng way!

Thank you, boss! You just gave my working year a great start! For whatever that comes, I will remember today. =)

I feel like a little girl at school who has just received her first star. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 2011~!

Pretty beautiful date, ain't it? 1-1-11. My favorite number. Seems to come in double. =)

Now, I have a question. Is this the first year of the new decade or was last year it? Hrmm. I just can't quite make up my mind on this one.

If the answer is 2011, then no wonder my New Year resolutions made in 2010 didn't quite work out. Hehe. I'm so embarrassed of myself. I was so determined and loud on my very first post of the year shouting those resolutions. Repent konon. Pfftt. End result seemed to show that I score better when I don't talk about repenting. Number of blog-posts reduces year by year.

Oh, hold that thought. Hmm. Maybe it is a good thing afterall, eh? Considering this is my ranting spot, that would meant I had lesser to rant and rave about as years go by. Naw. Very unlikely so. Hence, I came up with a little inference and deemed it my conclusion. Read on.

I have found another ranting spot. Not exactly a spot, but useful enough for me to vent my dissatisfactions. It's faster, provides easier access and words are not the only necessary medium! *grins*
This little 'spot' I'm talking about is referring to none other than the one person who never got tired of listening to me. Like, seriously?

And that is my inference and conclusion as to why my bloggie sometimes may play second fiddle now. Most of the time now, in fact. Sorry, bloggie. Sometimes when musing and timing is not on my side, blogging may just slip off the mind. It happens. Alot. I look at my blog page and not a sentence pops out. But when I complain verbally to Bii, the words come pouring out complete with hand gestures, body movement and facial expression. Hahaha. Need I say more?

This year, I'm not making any NY resolutions. What good is it to make new ones when you can't keep up with the old? So that is why, I have decided to stick to my last year's resolutions and see if I could fare better. Keeping my fingers crossed, but no pressure whatsoever. The flow shall be au naturale. *grins*

And what a coincidence again, my bloggie has just turned THREE! The same as last year. Hahaha. I made a mistake last year in counting, bloggie was supposed to be 2 then but was said to be 3. I'm so embarrassed. *blushes* Hah, no wonder my NY resolutions made in it didn't quite work out. Hehe.

Okay, okay, my bad. But now that all is clear, let's celebrate! ^^


Friday, December 31, 2010

The Longest End To December!

The day started pretty early for us. Sis wanted us out of bed by 8am and off we go to the market. It's been a long time since we came to this morning market. And the mission today is not to shop for anything, not even groceries. Makes me again wonder why we were there. Oh, food.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it's always important to start it right. I had a yummy packet of nasi lemak, though not the usual I would take. And helped Sis a little on the noodles she wasn't supposed to eat.
Although not a very peculiar combination, but God knows what happened to my stomach.

We went around town to run some errands and by time I got home at about noon, my stomach has just reached a whole new level of aching. It started like the usual wind-in-my-tumm-tumm ordeal. But I was fooled. It's not the usual. It's a little something more with that. Not the usual gastric pain. Yes sir, no it's not.

I had to skip my Indian lunch for fear that I would upset it further. I actually got full just by looking at my family eat while I drank on some plain water. Like, seriously. I'm glad I tag along. Hehe.

Tumm tumm, no tumm tumm. There's still space for ice-cream! ♫ Baskin Robbins 31 ♫

Haha. Sorry but tummy really felt much better then. It started back only at night, after my afternoon nap. *sighs*
So, icy-creamy ice-cream is not the culprit. Hehe.

Only problem is, our NY celebration plan could not be executed. Ended up counting down at home. Not too bad an idea anyway.

But sorry, Bii. Still, somehow I know you wouldn't mind. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Longest Start To December!

Gahhhhhhhh~!!! I need a good shout! And I need to shout out loud! What a long day it has been and I'm glad it's gonna end. I sure do hope so. No trauma-scar left behind please!

At least, I feel safe now. Under the shelter of my home, confined in the room...and Bii is coming home real soon. Yes, I do feel much safer.

The day started early. But I guess it just wasn't early enough. After two days not getting the free entry to the carparks, the kiasu in me is getting excited. I left earlier than  usual to fetch a friend, only to realize I'm running out of fuel! So I needed extra time to have a quick visit to the petrol station.

The whole journey was a smooth ride. Even the gears did not jerk. I should be proud of myself, no? The wheels were in my control and we reach the KL-Seremban highway before 7.30am. I initially expected it to be later, considering the detours taken. So, I should be proud of myself, no?

Well, the answer is no and no! The moment I took a turn at the Desa Waterpark into the East-West Link, I immediately regretted all the happy thoughts. The traffic is crazy! It has been so for the past few days. I just wonder how the information had slipped off my mind for a sec there. It took me another 20-25 minutes just to reach that corner to Menara. I am bummed!

Yet, dumbly I still have hopes of getting a sad entry left for me. Stupid stupid stupid! Having hopes is not wrong but letting the kiasu-Elaine to take over the wheels is! Oh stupid stupid stupid. Knowing my accelerator is not all that smooth, I should have been more careful!

I slightly stepped on the accelerator [while we were still in the slow traffic] and it kinda revved upfront a little more than I thought it should. Something blinded me and I didn't see that motorbike on my left side, trying to make his way across the road. When I moved forward, I slightly bammed on its exhaust pipe. Very slightly, he didn't fall. But he did jerk a little on his bike.
Yes, he's somehow already in front of me. He shouldn't have been!! So, why?! =(

I should have been more alert. No matter what happened back there, I still have responsibilities to bear. Thank God for He must have protected me back there. Just a small lesson. Nothing happened. Not to him, not to my little Potato.

Since then, I am jaded. Everything just seemed to go off my way. Even when I went to the canteen to pack my lunch, I blame the cashier for overcharging me and not giving me the fork and spoon. Thankfully, I was conscious enough to realize that before leaving.

And because I'm traumatized from the morning experience, I was actually spirited to work overtime today. First time speaking to my big boss personally is the best reason for OT. I felt so small presenting the updates to him. I surely could have done better than that. Oh well, this is just a step opening the doors to bigger opportunities. =)

Finally when it's time to face reality and drive home, I find myself lingering around the office. Taking every chances to spend just a minute or two more in the office. With every minute wasted, I told myself, "God is giving me the chance to avoid the little unexpected circumstances on the road". =)
I love it.

I heard on the radio that the traffic is bad again due to an accident involving two buses. I was contemplating which road to take. The long-straight highway with the risk of having to drive in the rain [it looked like it was going to rain] or the perfectly jammed road with super low speed?
Gleefully, I opted for the low speed. Trauma made me.

I saw the burnt skeleton of the bus. It was said to be burning in the radio but when I reached the scene, it had already finished burning. I wanted to look more but that would be awfully dangerous. I just pray that nobody got hurt in the burning bus.
Maybe this was what God didn't want me to witness happening.

I was extra careful on my home. The day was getting dark and I prayed it wouldn't rain. One thing, if not more, that I learnt from the day is that no matter how careful I drive, I still need to be vigilant from the other drivers and motorists.
I honked on my horn today. First time doing so to another person on the road. And I honked TWICE in merely just minutes away! [On separate occasions that is.] No, I did not honk because I am a Malaysian. Only because those cars almost knocked me! Usually I would slow down to let them come into my lane, but be fair. I can't step on my brakes abruptly just to let you in. And you obviously saw me coming!! I know because you stopped when I was oncoming from a distance away and you hadn't had your signal lights on! Be fair! I'm just a baby on the road. Don't bully me! =(

Oh, God, please give me strength to face driving again tomorrow. 

Friday, November 26, 2010

Facial Treat I'm Enjoying.

Had a super awesome time relaxing while getting pampered with massages and masks yesterday. It was so soothing I could fall asleep just there. Except that the headrest was a little too hard to my liking. Hehe.

Thanks to Nuffnang ads, I got to know of this free giveaway from Skin11 about a month ago. Being the unusual me, I actually filled up the form and waited to see what will happen. Sure enough, I got a call and an appointment was immediately set. Yay!

But sadly though, stuffs happened along the way and my appointment had to be postponed and postponed. This part, my bad.
The last time I called, my appointment was somehow not recorded [I think they gave up on me!] and the giveaway period would be expired by the time the next appointment could be made. So, oh well, I thought. What's not meant to be, would not be. I can't blame them entirely, it started with my schedule's fault afterall. I let it go and moved on.

Until I picked up a call on Wednesday. The person on the other line was asking if I have received my free facial treatment. Incautiously, I told her what happened and why my appointment was never realized.
Surprising enough, she actually apologized for the mistakes and offered me another appointment date even though the promotion date is way overdue.

Whoop-dee-doo!! Anxious and thrilled, I was given a 3-step facial treatment which includes cleansing, extraction and mosturising. I think that's what the process is named if I had not remembered it wrongly. Well, don't blame me. I wasn't 100% attentive. It basically went in the right ear and out the left. Can't help it. Blame it on the superbly comforting environment. Makes you drifts off reality for a little while. =)

Thing was, the moment she saw me, all she really sees is my dry cracking skin. Daymmmm!!! Is it really that obvious?? Pfftt...
To prove how dry and cracking my skin is [oh noesssss!!!], I was 'scanned' and explained of the condition. Oh well, this is really much easier than my gap assessment's debrief session. =)

I went through an almost 2-hours of layers and layers of masks. They smell so nice, all natural and fruit-eh! Yums! I was also given a back and shoulder massage. Very brief one but very enjoyable indeed. My stiff shoulder was so much more relaxed at the end of it. Although...I could use a longer rub there. Heh!

I couldn't help but kept patting my cheeks with my fingers after. It felt so firm and smooth and well, moisturized! Then again, fingers are dirty and I sure wouldn't want to appear too vain in a restaurant. Haha.
Aww, I wish my face's like this every single day! But beauty comes with a price. A high price, at that. Think twice before wishing then. Hehe.

A vain-pot's photo.

It may not be that visible due to the quality of the photo. But I love it like that. =)
It still is refreshing to have smooth skin once again. I'm loving it. Wonder how long it'll last and when's the next time. Hah!

A girl can always wish. 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OTR Nightmare Starts.

And so it's Tuesday. Second day driving *jeng jeng jeng* alone to and from work. Pretty liberating, I must add.

Recounting the first day experience to Bii yesternight, I was as excited as a child on her first day to playschool. All the nerves are loosen, so to speak. I actually had fun. Of course not during the drive, but definitely after. Hehe.

Fine. I admit it's nothing to shout about....for you. But it is a big step for me! A huge step indeed.

No, I did not just got my driver's licence. So there isn't the need to congratulate me for that. In fact, I've renewed my licence like twice!
No, I do not wonder how I passed my driving test although I do admit I'm very afraid of things happening because of my driving skills. It haunts me!!
Yes, I have hence avoided myself from all opportunities to drive for the past..let me count...FIVE years! *gasp*
Don't blame me. The first few experiences weren't exactly encouraging, so to speak.

But this time, thanks to my Sister and my baby nephew, I am forced to 'be independent'. I've anticipated this day for so long that I dreaded it! It's so liberating, yet so full of petrifying responsibilities!
*pats on the back* I'm so glad I made it. I'm actually so full of pride with myself. Hohoho~

Like my replies to all well-wishers [Thank You Very Much! =)] - the driving was good...parking, not so.

So embarrassing that I had to stop a random guy in the carpark to help me position my car, well, in the box. Mommy said it's okay and the guy would understand my situation considering that my car has a 'P' sticker stuck on it! *sweats* Mommy, ermm, thank you?

I must say, it's not my fault okay. It's the fault of whoever that leave the car at that particular spot disrupting me performing my awesome parking skills. Let me show you.

Hahaha! I can't believe I went through the trouble to prettily sketch the situation out! This is how far I would go to prove it! I believe it wouldn't have been such a hassle and I wouldn't have had a near heart-attack if it hadn't been for the 'kacau' car. Hrmph. Although I must add that I was really nervous and mayyyy not have think soberly. Pffftt. Still, he/she started it.

After the car is in place, I finally realize why the spot was empty and I got it. Water was dripping from the top. God knows where it came from. When I 'so happen' to go to my car an hour or two later, the black MyVi beside mine has left. Thank you, God.
Shifting my Potato over to that spot was a breeze. In fact, it was so fun I took my own sweet time adjusting and reversing and moving forward and adjusting again. Perfect parking skill. Hah!

Hoping that I do not have to repeat this ordeal, I left home earlier. I actually even drove a little faster on the MEX highway [yes, the straight one] - another story of its own. Maybe because it rained earlier, there were more cars on the road today. And the traffic was bad in Jalan Pantai Baharu.

Guess what. Parking spaces left - zero. That's only LG2, so I drove to LG4 with high hopes. Seeing the long queue and concluding that it's full too, I decided to go for the paid ones. RM6, RM10. Whatever. I have a breakfast date with Bii.

As I drove past LG4 entrance, parking spaces left as shown - 21. Thrilled, I drove a round back and joined in the queue. Fourth in line, parking spaces left - 0. Gahhhhh!!!
Next time, I'm not gonna go for another turn before I join in the queue. Don't matter if I do not know what the queue is for or for how long! Queue first, questions later.

I waited for a whole hour [if not more] for my chance to enter to the carpark! Space...not quite guaranteed.
When one vehicle exits and the red Kelisa in front of mine enters, I saw it at the entrance/exit area again a few ages later. We were frantically ordering the lady, from afar, to exit and pass the baton to me so that I would then represent her search for the available space. Haha.

Oh yes, Bii was with me in the car already. Thank God for that. But poor darling was so tired after a night's work yet still have to bear with this and no breakfast!

Then again, God knows best. If it hadn't for Bii, I might still be wandering down there in the carpark! My Potato is parked pretty illegally right now. We rounded the place many times but the empty parking space is well, just not before my eyes [and his]. Many empty reserved slots though. Grrrr.

Oh well, I'm gonna go check on it later at lunchtime and shift it if, and when, possible. Please, pray that it won't get clamped or anything. Pray that no scratches too. Brrr~

Monday, November 1, 2010

He's Here!

It's earlier than expected!
It isn't a week yet. It's not even the weekend.

He's here!! He's here!!
I'm so excited. It's time to rejoice, no matter what!!!

Whoop-dee-doo. I can't wait for weekend to come!

Sayang sayang balik you later okay?
Don't cry. Don't be scared.
We'll be home soon, honey!

Congratulations, honey!
Happy birthday, my love!