Monday, September 5, 2011

September Begins.

September. Been 8 months, not logging in. The fear to even visit the poor poor site. Work is definitely not an excuse, but procrastination definitely is deemed valid. Muses did give me a visit once awhile.I just don't take them seriously anymore.

I've lost my momentum in blogging. I've missed out so much on capturing the events of my life on blog in the past 2 years. The good and the bad. The ups and downs. I guess getting older makes privacy a serious issue. If you'd notice, the way I write has changed too. Short, simple sentences. Show how my brain has slack in thoughts. =(

Getting the new smarty-pants phone helped me getting shifted more to Facebook. Of what I could call (for myself), photoblogging.There isn't quite a theme, but just merely what I captured on my everyday life and most importantly felt like sharing it out. Right timing and feeling, and whatnot. I named the album "Life on the go". Perfect to signify the randomness of what's stored in the album. Only...the real "Life on the go" album is actually stored in my phone's memory card.

Privacy. Suddenly that word seemed to mean a lot to me now. Probably should consider making this blog a private site. For good or at least until I could finally decide on the course of this blog. I'm happy reading back on the previous posts of the blog. Brings back memories and those thoughts that have provoked me at the moment. But the blog just doesn't seem to have worked out as fine as I wanted it to be as at the beginning of the year.

Times have passed and life has changed. Priority in life is different now. Let's see how it'll be by the end of the year. =)

In case, in future, I would be wondering why the sudden post in early September (today). I just got too bored alone in the new empty office today. Heee. Apparently every single member of the team is on leave today (and I wasn't told!). Since it's supposedly my first day in this new department, I basically had nothing better to do. *sigh*